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Ever read an article and wanted to find out more about the main people or places the article is describing? Insight seeks to answer that inquisitiveness by presenting the main entities in an article, and giving you links to any related social media and wikipedia pages, search result pages and more. To use this feature, share the article that you are reading with Insight, and the app will present any worthwhile information to you.
Insight doesnt only work with English articles, but it also works with articles written in over 60 different languages, like Albanian or Norwegian. To use Insight with a non-English article, ensure that you share the article with Insight (Translate).
At the moment, Insight is capable of showing the following information: • IMDb pages for films• Google Play Music search results for albums• Wikipedia pages• Facebook, Instagram, Google + and Twitter social media pages• Location using Google Maps• Information about any sports league or events that are mentioned• A personal or company website• Links to a page of Google search results for the relevant entity, as well as related news articles
The free version of Insight can be used up to a maximum of 5 times a day. To remove this limit, you can purchase Insight Pro from the within the app.